UAB Eurokorma is engaged in the wholesale and retail sale of a variety of grains, combined feed additives, raw materials for feed production, the sugar industry secondary products, fertilizers and others.

Since its founding in 2002,  UAB Eurokorma cooperated and developed a strong relationship with our partners, so our company can always guarantee the highest quality raw materials for feed production and other additives. We buy raw materials direct from manufacturers (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Poland), so we can offer our customers more favorable prices. In addition, UAB Eurokorma specialists will advice clients on the most effective use of our products for fodder production.

Our team has many years of experience not only in business of fodder production, but also experience in grain storage business. We offer production storage, grain drying, cleaning, weighing and grain quality testing services at reasonable prices.
We purchase a variety of grains throughout Lithuania. Since 2014 we started actively buying organic grains. We buy products directly from customers place, or we can accept in our warehaouses (in Mazeikiai and Marijampole).

We have developed fleet and can offer products transportation services. Grain trucks adapted for grain and other bulk cargo transportation, tanks – for liquid products (molasses, oils) transport.

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